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Based in Milton, ON I have been photographing people and life for over 17 years and it has lead me to the most rewarding career I could have ever asked for. From weddings, to newborns, to adventures... I love all aspects of photography and the different challenges it imposes. 

I’m here not only to photograph your wedding day but also to make it a fun and relaxing experience that you’ll look back on and love. I’m here to laugh and have some fun, but also here to remind you to take a deep breath and embrace the moments. It’s an absolute honour that I get to spend the whole day with you both capturing the big laughs, the sad family moments and the quiet glances towards each other. 

AW Collection

.moments created.

Outdoor Photos-8.jpg

"I Do"

From the day you said "yes" to this day. This is your moment.

Nikki & Andrej's Wedding-142.jpg

"There's No Place Like Home"

Except if you have the opportunity to travel to your most ideal and romantic location of your dreams.

Wedding Samples-93.jpg

Friends, Family and Me

These are the photos most couples love to see. They are the moments you may not even known that happen.

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